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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dinner party

While I have people over quite frequently, it's usually pretty casual. Not often for a formal dinner party. Which is why I was delighted recently to host a birthday dinner for our friend, Stuart. We transformed my living room into a dining room for 14, and I used my mom's china, silver, and crystal for the first time on my own. And I can't take credit for the cake, it is Stuart's own creation.

Monday, November 09, 2009

new liturgy

I'm loving the Call to Worship, written by Cheryl Lawrie, that we are using right now at House:

We’re here because we’re people who have heard a rumor that there’s life to be found on the other side of death.

We’re here because just the rumor is enough to bring us hope and just the hope is enough to bring us a moment of life.

We’re here because even though it is only a flicker, a moment, a breath it’s changed our death forever.

Sometimes, that rumor is just enough to keep me going.

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