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Monday, June 18, 2007

8 random things

I was tagged by Neverending Growth for this meme. I'm probably the last person in blogland to play.

The directions...
Each player posts eight random facts/habits about him/herself and then tags eight other bloggers to participate. In turn, the folks who are tagged write a post listing their own eight facts/habits, along with these rules, and then tag eight more people . . . and so on.

So, here are my random things.
1. I start most mornings with a Sugar-Free Red Bull in the car on the way to work. Don't fuss. It gets me through the morning.
2. I hate the word irregardless, and chose to disregard it on most occasions.
3. Almost every tooth in my head is crowned. I can thank poor enamel and some fluke with when they put flouride in the water in West Tennessee for that.
4. I have two tattoos.
5. I have an uncanny ability to remember random facts, like what I wore on the first day of school in second grade or the first time I ate mashed potatoes.
6. On a dare, last week I paged myself on the intercom at work, using my regular voice. I was chosen for this deed because of my 'distinctive voice' (read Southern drawl).
7. Scrabble and Scattegories are my favorite board games.
8. Yesterday I planted hosta in my backyard (Denver) that came from my childhood home in West Tennessee.

Feel free to jump in here if you haven't played yet.



Blogger Denise W said...

I have Irises from my grandpa in Jasper....

Monday, June 25, 2007 8:42:00 AM


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