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Sunday, April 13, 2008

random tidbits

- My regular computer - the one that I just put a new hard drive and extra memory in, the one that is not far out of warranty - is being operated on by the Geek Squad as I write. Is this a sign that I'm supposed to switch to a MacBook Pro? I'll let you know.

- Points to Ponder (found these written inside the front cover of my Moleskine)
What really gives me joy?
Where is my bliss?
Where is the flow?

Doesn't Points to Ponder sound like the name of a church bulletin article of long ago?! Please leave a comment if you have the answers.

- I don't want to celebrate prematurely, but I think I am living in a mouse-free house.

- Here's another Point to Ponder. This one from my spiritual director, wise sage that she is. We do best what we do joyfully. So what does that say about me going back to my regular office tomorrow after being off-site for two weeks? Hmmm?

- Counting down the days until I head south. Six. Six days. Seven until I have sand between my toes.

- Personal goal of the week: Finish the thank-you notes.

- I am completely nauseated by Contemporary Christian music at a whole new level. This poses a slight problem on the corporate worship front for me.

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