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Sunday, December 30, 2007

pondering 2007

Looking back to my first post of 2007, here's what I hoped for this year:
- more sleep. less Red Bull.
- more creativity. less working for The Man.
- all in all, a more life-giving vs. soul-stealing year.

I think I did sleep more. And while it is still around, Red Bull is much less a necessity than it was last year. I can quit any time. Really.

Not sure how much less I'm working than in 2006. But working for a different man is a lot better.

More life-giving than soul-stealing? Yeah, I think so. Spiritual direction helped immensely with this. As did pulling out of doing some things that were just a drag.

I'd say the highlights of 2007 were starting a new job, turning 40, deepening some friendships, and starting to simplify my life. And finding the Ricola Mystery Cougher.

I'm hopeful for what lies ahead in 2008.

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