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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday

Spent the day yesterday de-cluttering and cleaning my house from top to bottom in preparation for a little shin-dig last night, which ended with a spontaneous Sunday School sing-a-long. Did party clean-up around 1 A.M. Started some pulled pork in the crock-pot before going to bed. The result? A true Sabbath for me today. Not a bad start to Holy Week.

Sidenote: We discussed this briefly last night during the sing-a-along, but why do almost all of the Sunday School songs we know have to do with being happy? What is it about not teaching children about the whole spectrum of emotions? I could do several posts on my personal experience around this. The other extreme is the songs that instill fear.

By far, the creepiest one was one that Sheralee knows about growing if you read your Bible and pray every day, and, conversely, shrinking if you don't. We would love to see our six-foot pastor do this one in heels.

The greatest take-away of the evening might be that no single denomination has cornered the market on creepy children's church songs. They are everywhere.

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