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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Quick Thoughts on 3 Reads From 2005

As memoir and essay are my two favorite genres, I really enjoyed Magical Thinking, as well as Augusten Burroughs' other books. I enjoy his style - great details, real and honest, albeit a bit crass, but not so naval-gazing that you get bored.

The Namesake , by Jhumpa Lahari, was one of my favorite reads for 2005. I've been trying to choose my top 5 books from 2005, and have been disappointed that when I look back at what I read over the year, there are only a few of what I would consider great reads. The Namesake was very well written and Lahari does a great job of illuminating the tension between cultures and different generations. Look for a review of it here, and on Writers Read in the very near future.

As to Fondling Your Muse, I wish I had that two hours of my life back. Although there are parts of it that are funny, I found it short on substance and heavy on sarcasm. OK for a mindless read, but if you are hoping for a motivating book on the writing craft, look elsewhere.


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