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Monday, February 26, 2007

lent...week one

I'm going to follow Urban Skye Soul's schedule the next few weeks as I camp out with the Lord's prayer. This week's focus: Our Father who is in heaven hallowed be Your name.

I unexpectedly had a chance to read some of my book on Lectio Divina this afternoon -when I was at the shop getting my car diagnosed after the sunroof would not close. Still won't. Cold ride home. Putting it in the shop tomorrow. All this to say, good use of time since that book was still in my bag.

In searching for some resources to help me dig into this first phrase, I came across some great resources in Sylvia Gunter's Prayer Portions book. I'm starting with the 'Alphabet of the Father Heart of God', and then the section called, 'Listening to Your Father: Waiting on God To Know His Will in Prayer and His Word.' Sylvia is a friend of some of my mentors in Birmingham, and I can honestly say that if I could only have one book on prayer, this would be it.

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